• Friday April 19,2024
  • 10:41:25
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    Japan imported 13.13 Mt of coal in Mar, a 6.1% y-o-y decrease, showed the preliminary data from the Ministry of Finance on Apr 17. The import value amounted to 385.48 bln yen ($2.49 bln), falling 35.1% YoY.

  • 10:23:32
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    BREAKING: Israel officially launches attack on Iran.

  • 08:53:05
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    Mongolia's coal shipments through railway stood at 1.20 Mt in Mar, down 4.97% YoY but rising 5.38% MoM, showed data from Mongolian statistical authority.

  • Thursday April 18,2024
  • 16:43:38
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    Coal production of Mongolia came in at 8.21 Mt in Mar 2024, rising 33.08% YoY and 21.48% MoM, showed data from the National Statistical Office of Mongolia. The country's iron ore production was 780,000 t, surging 154.65% YoY and 112.24% MoM.

  • 14:53:16
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    China's 10 largest coal mining groups (in terms of production) produced 550 Mt of raw coal in Jan-Mar 2024, falling 6.24% YoY, according to statistics released by China National Coal Association.

  • 11:03:42
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    More mines in NW China's Shaanxi province adjusted up chemical-purpose coal prices by 10-20 yuan/t today. One miner increased 30-80mm lump coal price by 20 yuan/t to 780 yuan/t, while another miner raised price for 5,900 Kcal/kg NAR coal (0.3% sulfur) by 10 yuan/t to 700 yuan/t, both on mine-mouth basis with VAT.

  • Wednesday April 17,2024
  • 17:52:18
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    China Coal Energy Co., Ltd, the listed arm of China National Coal Group, reported its polyolefin output was up 0.8% YoY and flat MoM at 132 Kt in Mar 2024, while polyolefin sales increased 7.1% YoY and 53.1% MoM to 150 Kt, according to figures released by the company on Apr 16.

  • 15:00:01
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    Iron ore exports to China from Australia's Port Hedland increased 6.05% YoY and 27.90% MoM to 42.85 Mt in Mar, according to the Pilbara Ports Authority. The shipments to China accounted for 86% of the port's total iron ore exports in the month.

  • 13:47:24
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    Rio Tinto's iron ore production was registered at 68.70 Mt in Q1 2024, falling 2% YoY and 10% QoQ. Shipments stood at 68.76 Mt, down 4% YoY and 9% QoQ.

  • 11:08:43
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    China's GDP increased 5.3% YoY in Q1, beating expectations and the actual rise of 5.2% for the full year of 2023, jointly driven by the rebound industrial activity and good performance in the service sector, the NBS data showed.

  • 08:50:15
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    China Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd., a listed arm of China Energy Investment Corp, saw its total polyolefin sales picked up 0.17% YoY and rose 12.2% MoM to 60.7 Kt in Mar 2024, said the company in a report on Apr 16.

  • Tuesday April 16,2024
  • 14:21:13
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    China's coal production reached 1.11 billion tonnes in Q1, down 4.1% YoY, the NBS data showed. In Mar alone, the output fell 4.2% to 399.33 Mt.

  • 09:29:49
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    ETT, a leading Mongolian mining company, has clarified that its sales activities are running normally, according to a statement released by the company recently.

  • 08:55:48
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    China exported 25.80 Mt of steel products in Q1 2024, rising 30.7% YoY, according to the latest data released by the GAC. Export value totaled $20.34 bln during the period, down 12.9% YoY.

  • Monday April 15,2024
  • 14:44:24
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    S Korea imported 8.23 Mt of coal in Mar, down 25.74% YoY and 22.09% MoM, customs data showed. The import value reached $1.34 bln in the month, down 40.53% YoY and 12.97% MoM.

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