Join Fenwei Energy, you will be given the opportunity to work with top-ranking energy experts and professional managers, and gain access to big coal data and various models and tools. You will find the opportunity and experience that you need and grow faster than expected to become a professional problem solver.

You will work like an expert, think like a CEO, bring business benefit to clients and help them creating excellent performance.

At the same time, inspired by innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, you will have broader vision and more extensive development chances. Fenwei Energy hopes that you can find a suitable career development road and achieve greater success.

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Partner/ Industry Chief Advisor Qualification
Project Manager

Being the project manager, you will be in charge of consulting projects in one or several specific fields. Our company will assign a partner or industry chief advisor to be your mentor.

Consultant and Researcher

You will add value to your project team by being a consultant or researcher. You will also:

You will get rich industrial and managing experience by getting involved in extensive projects. Generally, each project will take one to six months. Soon you can realize that the mission assigned to you is depended on your work performance.

Research Intern

You will be given a unique part-time chance. You will work with other consultants as member of the project team. You may also have to work with different teams. This is relied on your specialty and interests. Usually the missions are:

Your basic target shall be broadening the horizon and understanding key techniques for consulting. A senior consultant would be assigned to help you. We will evaluate your job after completion of each task and decide whether you can be formally employed. Your preference on work place and professional fields will be taken into consideration as far as possible.

Journalist, Host and Editor Qualification
Prices Management and Index Promotion Qualification
Data Analysis and Application Qualification